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Coupons & Groupons


On cccasion Tea District offers coupons to its customers for use on our website only. Please enter the coupon code into the coupon code section of our website at checkout exactly as you see it appear from the offer page. Use capital letters where necessary and include any numbers and letters as indicated in the coupon as well.

Please also keep in mind that you may only use 1 coupon code or voucher code per order!


Universal Fine Print

These are the universal restrictions that apply to every Voucher (unless specifically contradicted in the deal's fine print):

  • Not valid for cash back.
  • Must use in one visit.
  • Doesn't cover tax or gratuity.
  • Shipping is charged after the voucher is applied.
  • Can't be combined with other offers.
  • Can't use until day after purchase.

Deal FAQ

Below are the most frequently asked questions we receive about deals featured on some of the group buying sites that we have worked with. Unless stated otherwise in The Fine Print section of the deal, these answers apply to all voucher codes.

How long do I have to wait to use my Voucher once I've purchased it?

You can use most Vouchers the day you purchase it, however, sometimes you may have to wait 1 day until the deal closes.

Can I use the voucher as a gift?

Yes - you can give your Voucher to whomever you want, or use the gifting options to email or print it for a friend.

The fine print says "Limit 1 per person" and "May buy multiples as gifts." Can I buy myself some Voucher as gifts to myself and use more than one?

No. If the fine print says this, you can only redeem one. If you buy more than one then you have to give them away as gifts to other people.  You may not use the 2nd voucher to purchase items and ship to yourself and then gift to your recipient, it must be shipped directly to your recipient.

How and where do I enter my voucher?

Your voucher code should be entered into the coupon code section of our website during the checkout process. All numbers and all dashes that are a part of your voucher number need to be entered or it will not work. For example: If your voucher # was 1234567-0-8 then you should enter 1234567-0-8 into the coupon code section at checkout! Do not include the # sign when you enter the voucher, only the numbers, letters, or unique characters!

Feel free to contact us with any additional needs if you still need assistance:

phone:  866.532.5268   email:  sales@teadistrict.com  or use the Live Chat Link in the upper right hand corner of our website to either chat live if we are available or to send an offline chat email directly to us!

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