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Lead a Group

Lead a Group and Save

One of the truly special aspects of AdvoCare is the the opportunity to help others achieve their goals.  Nothing else is quite as rewarding as seeing someone achieve their targeted weight loss, attain a level of financial freedom, or just spend more time with their kids – knowing that you’ve played a small part in helping that happen. 

That’s why we offer each of you reading this the opportunity to lead a group and help those that you care about too.  Who can lead a group?    Anyone – here’s some ideas for group challenges:

  • Host a ‘Biggest Loser’ event with some friends
  • Challenge your church group
  • Facebook Group Challenge
  • Gym or YMCA classes
  • Coworker weight loss challenge
  • Be creative – the opportunities are everywhere

Just by leading a group, you can easily be eligible for discounts on your own products ranging from 20% to 40% off retail price.

Or you may be financially motivated.  If you possess an entrepreneur’s spirit, AdvoCare’s lucrative compensation plan may be exactly what you are looking for.  Our unique business opportunity pays 5 different ways and is primarily focused toward compensating leaders for leading teams.  Leading a group is the first natural step toward leading a team.  If you enjoy helping others achieve their goals, are teachable, and most importantly – possess a strong work ethic, contact us for more details.  We’ll visit to make sure that AdvoCare is right for you and get you started when you are ready.  You’ll be a part of a great team filled with leadership and be assigned a mentor to work directly with you every step of the way.

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