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What We Do



Next Group Challenge Starts Monday, October 28th, 2013 

What We Do

The 24 Day challenge bundle itself provides the opportunity for amazing results, but we’ve taken it to the next level by adding in an instructor led regimen that anyone can join – right from the comfort from their own living room!  We are able to provide you all the support you need via the web and telephone.  You just log in or dial in – and boom – it’s just like you’re right there in the room with your coach.  We’ll even provide you with all the documentation that you need if you prefer to not be coached.

We start a new Group 24 Day Challenge on the 1st Monday of every month – so get started today by registering and we will connect with you to get your 24 day challenge products.

All Challenges are hosted by trained AdvoCare Advisor Lindsey Valentini who is the owner of Tea District and is dedicated to getting the best results possible for YOU.  Once registered, you’ll be contacted by Lindsey to ascertain your weight loss and energy goals.  From there, Lindsey will be there every step of the way – just one call, email, or text away 24/7.  You can even lead a group yourself (with your personal coach Lindsey available to you, of course) and experience some significant savings with your products.  To learn more get in touch with us.


Why a Group 24 Day Challenge

You’ll receive all the same benefits of a normal 24 Day Challenge:

  • Products
  • Information and Instruction
  • Results

But – you also receive:

  • Accountability – You’ll have others depending on you
  • Lifestyle Habits – Each of our Group 24 Day Challenges include lifestyle habit changes to incorporate
  • Teammates – Support is just a short email or call away
  • Designated Follow-up – You’ll have scheduled times to log in and participate
  • Ability to Lead a Local Group – Host a Biggest Loser type of contest and save on your purchases
  • Best Results of the Group – Most weight lost = FREE PRODUCT
  • Most Importantly – You won’t be doing it alone

What if I Want to Start Now

That’s great, you can still have all the benefits of our Group 24 Challenge – just register here and we’ll contact you asap so that we can get you started! Your results will be included in our monthly results and you’ll also be invited to join our calls and webinars! Or, order your 24-day challenge bundle today, which can be found near the bottom of this website: www.24dayjumpstart.com Your sponsor and owner of Tea District, Lindsey Valentini will connect and coach you once your challenge arrives.

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